RBBP Reports of non-native species

Egyptian Goose by John Dickenson

The periodic reports of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel covering non-native species are published in the journal British Birds.

All reports are in PDF format requiring Acrobat Reader. The Panel is grateful to British Birds for making these reports available as PDF files.

Printed copies of the issues containing these reports can also be purchased from British Birds, Unit 3, The Applestore, Workhouse Lane, Icklesham, East Sussex TN36 4BJ. See www.britishbirds.co.uk for further details.

The Rare Breeding Birds Panel reports refer to geographical sub-divisions of the UK based on the county and regional bird recording areas. These are defined here --> RBBP Recording Areas

Definitions of the terms confirmed, probable and possible breeding are given here --> RBBP Definitions of Breeding Evidence

Published reports covering rare non-native breeding birds in the UK; from the first report covering 1996 to the most recent -->

All the above reports were originally published in British Birds from whom a copy can be ordered (see above).

Each year all records of rare breeding non-native species are compiled alongside other annual records and these will be summarised in a future report, probably covering 2015-2017, to be published in British Birds. Meanwhile, a brief summary of non-native species is provided as an appendix at the end of the main annual reports.